Service Areas

Building and maintaining infrastructure for the oil and gas industry is a complex business. We’re here to support your efforts and optimize this process for you.



Our goal is to add value to your project, and with 40+ years in the industry, understanding your needs is paramount to how we provide our services to you.

Whether you require a single service professional, or an entire team to consult on your energy infrastructure project, we work with you to provide complete inspections solutions through every phase of development.

On time, on budget, within all regulations and obligatory safety standards, and to your engineering and design specifications - we aim to meet or exceed these objectives. We do so honestly and with the highest level of quality and integrity in mind by carefully analyzing unique challenges, incorporating our vast experience, and applying innovation where it improves safety, efficiency, and reliability.

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When only the best will do.

Our vetting standards are comprehensive and methodical.
They have to be.
Because we only send the best qualified people to your job site.

All of our inspections service professionals successfully undergo the Black Gold pre-screening process, so they are fully qualified, trained, and ready to work for you whenever and wherever you need them:

  • Certifications validated
  • Tickets verified
  • At least 2 (two) past supervisory references investigated
  • Drug Report checked
  • Motor Vehicle Report checked
  • Strengths, experience, expertise evaluated


Construction Management


Extensive field experience and an in depth working knowledge of the intricacies of construction in the oil and gas industry. That’s what makes Black Gold Construction Managers highly qualified experts.

As the primary point of contact with project engineers, architects, and designers, our Construction Managers oversee all aspects of your project construction, and make certain all work is performed in a safe and environmentally acceptable fashion, and in accordance with the project’s approved design and specifications. Our experienced professionals are engaged in various capacities including: detailed planning, constructability, value engineering, managing costs and performance, project analysis and design, site management, scheduling, procurement, materials handling and control, logistics, execution and acting as a conduit when required. They maintain all communication and ensure all reporting is properly executed and retained.

Our Construction Managers ensure the highest quality and the timely completion of your project while mitigating potential risks and maintaining budgetary allowances.

Contact us to find out how our Construction Management services can help your project throughout its construction lifecycle.



Pipelines & Facilities: Supervision and Inspection


From concept through to completion, we understand all aspects of pipeline and facility construction.

Our supervision and inspections professionals are fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in providing expert consultation and constructability to your pipeline or facility project.

We work across a broad spectrum of projects: refineries and plants, to pipelines and Facilities, to compressor stations, and well sites, pump stations and storage terminals - our inspectors deliver on every type of development. They are thoroughly trained in the construction process so they are able to recommend efficiencies while maintaining compliance with all applicable regulatory standards and codes.

Efficiencies include identifying potential obstacles, recommending better design and procurement support, providing optimized site layout, and evaluating construction methods and alternate structural materials. All of this expertise is meant to reduce or prevent errors, delays or cost overruns while managing a safe and well-organized construction environment.

Ultimately, we help you achieve the optimum balance between project goals and resource constraints.

Project execution plans for pipelines and facilities include:

  • Pipeline design and routing
  • Facility design and layout
  • Proficiency Techniques
  • Planning, Scheduling, Cost Evaluation and Estimating
  • Safety Management
  • Developing and executing Procurement Strategy Plans, purchasing, expediting and receiving of materials and equipment
  • Developing and implementing Project Execution Plans, Pipeline and Facility Construction QA Plans, mechanical completion turn-over documentation
  • Planning and executing Facility and Pipeline Start-up, purging, flood-ups and deactivation of existing systems

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Safety & Supervision


We bring integrity to your project by ensuring compliance with current regulations, industry standards, environmental guidelines and safety processes.

Our Safety Inspectors ensure the highest quality within the project’s specifications and approved design by making certain all work performed is done so in a safe, environmentally acceptable fashion.

The Company’s Safety Management Plan and Environmental Guidelines are executed with precision and accountability. Our safety personnel analyze, understand, manage and communicate risks and propose solutions to all members of the construction and engineering teams. In so doing, they remain proactive and have the will to aggressively scrutinize and implement regulatory and company safety requirements, and even stop work if imminent safety issues need to be addressed.

Inspectors ensure all Work Permits have been executed by trained and accountable individuals, and are in place along with complete hazard assessments, and the necessary checklists and supporting data. They also ensure the contractor expeditiously uses the resources necessary to rectify identified non-compliances or deficiencies, and they maintain a construction deficiency list.

Health, safety and the environment are everyone’s concern. Contact us to find out how we can be a part of the solution.



Quality Control/Quality Assurance


We confidently oversee and assure the timely execution of your capital project regardless of size or complexity.

Our quality control and quality assurance services ensure the quality of all materials, structures,components and systems utilized in the construction of your facility rigorously adhere to your project requirements and contractual specifications.

Independent checks, audits and inspections ensure strict compliance with all mandatory regulations and construction quality standards. Our inspectors confidently challenge the engineering or design teams when specifications don’t appear to make sense, and they are fully qualified to offer appropriate pro-active solutions or suggestions when required.

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Procurement Personnel - compliance/regulation/safety


Our Procurement Personnel manage the purchase of project assets and ensure your Material Receiving & Handling Guidelines are followed to your specifications and in accordance with the project schedule.

We oversee and execute the buying, expediting, inspection and records management process with timely approvals, and ensure materials are managed in a pro-active, efficient manner.

Documentation and administrative processes include: work orders, purchase orders, sub-contractor administration, supplier invoice administration and control, job site/field material control, transportation coordination, vendor inspection coordination, materials and equipment receiving and storage.

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Administration Services

Efficient, professional, knowledgeable

We deliver office administration solutions to capably meet the detailed administrative needs of every project, regardless of size or time frame. Our people assist construction managers with document management and processing, office organization, daily reporting, cost control, contract creation and general office management.

Let us staff your project with competent administration service professionals.